Who am I


I inherited passion for horses from my grandfather.

I started horse riding at 9, in a riding centre near home. There I developed my equestrian activities, up to when at 14 year old age I broke a youngster for the first time. At 16 I joined Parco di Mare Riding Centre, in Montalbano of Fasano, where I am at the moment, continuing the activities of learning and experimentation on horses of different breed and ages.

In this phase my equestrian address shapes out… my passion for the Murgese horse, the native breed of my region, with its baroque conformation. Attention for details, the charm of the research, the study of the History of Equitation, from the birth of the first Equestrian Academies in Naples from the full Italian Renaissance Period, all these  pushed me more and more to try understanding the deep reason of things rather than to progress quickly in practice without real knowledge. Young rider never really attracted by the competition contest, but, either for character or for personal ambition, more dedicated to the search of a perfection, I learned to believe in that relationship with the horse that can go further more than expected.

My thirst for knowledge and my intererest in direct practice brought me to the study  greatest Classics, from Pignatelli to De la Guérinière, Baucher, l’Hotte, Phillis, Decarpentry, Oliveira and Karl to reach our days. The Classical Riding is the must in subject of training, behavioural rules founded on ethology, anatomy and biomechanics of the gaits. Training is a path of progressive and rational gymnastics that has to shape  every horse to the attainment of its maximum psico-physical balance.

It is to the reading of these texts, without an italian translation, that I owe my knowledge of the french and spanish language, even though in elementary level.

Always with the idea to improve myself and to have new experiences, in 1999 I leave Apulia (to return in 2003) to go working in some stables in the north of Italy, where I dealt with breaking foals, training horses and participating in equestrian shows. An experience that has taught a lot not only from the equestrian point of view.

In my training I always search for relationship.  I don’t use any coercion method, and I am  continuously searching for seminars and clinics in Italy and abroad. The crucial point arrived in 2002, with SIAEC – Italian Society for Equestrian Classical Art – , meeting Philippe Karl, French instructor known all over the world, universally recognized for its based philosophy on the classical principles, on the use of imperceptible aids in training, in the full respect of the psico-physics attitudes of the horse. I follow Philippe Karl in each of his italian clinics. In 2004 Philippe Karl moves to “La Coccarda” Stables, in Lodi, where he starts the course for the Ecole de Légèreté, and I joined. In this yard I had the possibility to know very passioned and competent people, and to follow the teachings of Claudio Bonati and Silvano Galbiati, trainers of competing horses and refined ethologists, “men of horses” with great experience who taught me a lot. Attending “La Coccarda” together with Philippe Karl opened my mind to further studies, firstly desire to deepen my  knowledge of ethology and equine psychology. Studying and experimenting on an innumerable quantity of horses, then, amazing results arrived to me improving the communication with them.

The last years are the most important.

I received twice students of the  Veterinary University in Bari, in Parco di Mare Stables to follow some theoretical and practice lessons on ethology and man/horse communication techniques.

In 2010 I am Silver Medal the Dressage Regional Championships with Ussaro, murgese horse broken and trained by myself.

In 2011 I participated with pleasure to do the italian translation of Philippe Karl’s last book, “Derive del dressage moderno”, translated in other seven languages.

In 2012 I became promoter of an ambitious project, which engages me for different months. Together with friends and colleagues, to spread out respect for horses in training and the right equestrian culture seeded by Philippe Karl, ending by the constitution of an association that gathers all the students and Italian instructors of the Ecole de Légèreté. The project sees its light in 2013 with the birth of the GIEL, “Italian Group “Ecole de Légéreté”, of which i am President.

In 2013 the Regional Committee of the Italian Federation for Equestrian Sport, founds for the first time in Italy, the “Ethology and Training Chair”, nominating me Chairman, to spread the equestrian culture and the right knowledge of the ethology within the equestrian sports, with a special focus on training young riders.

In January 2014 I received Philippe Karl and Bea Borrelle in Parco di Mare stables, showing to the Master the results of 10 years of training horses and teaching students. This worth me the title of Ecole de Légéreté Instructor, adding me in the rose of the 5 Italian Instructors alouded to teach Philippe Karl’s philosophy.


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